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What is Equal Future?

The Equal Future platform is a resource and hub for knowledge and information on the topic of women’s participation and leadership in politics and public administration. The platform collects, analyzes, and examines the current status of women in politics and public administration in the 19 countries and territories covered by UNDP in Europe and Central Asia. 

Equal Future also looks forward, gathering good practices around gender equality and the meaningful inclusion of women in leadership and decision-making roles, and presenting inspiring stories of women who have entered and thrived in the political sphere. 

Thus, our platform creates a space for UNDP partners, researchers, activists, and women leaders to learn, exchange, and be inspired to continue their essential work towards an equal future for all. 

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Women in politics and public administration

Learn about women's representation in politics and public administration across 19 countries and territories in Europe and Central Asia

Success stories

Get inspired by stories of women who succeeded in national and local politics, and learn more about their journey


Explore our publications section, featuring studies, toolkits and guidance notes on women in politics and public administration

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